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Custom iPhones is located in Belleville, Ontario and is dedicated to providing high quality, unique items and superior customer service at a fair price. Our product selection is ever changing and you're sure to find something new and exciting each time you visit.   Custom iPhones specializes in customizing, screen replacement, Cell Phone Unlocks (AT&T and more) and repairs.  Whether it's a screen repair, buying a cell phone or accessory or pimping out your most prized possession, I will provide you with all the information you need to make the choices that are best for you and your phone.  Custom iPhones can repair and pimp out almost any phone, including Blackberry, Samsung and of course iPhones.  What do I want my phone to look like?  Let me know and I will provide you with a quote, timeline and options. I will respond to any emails within 24 hours, so feel free to send me any questions or concerns on the "Contact Us" page.  Finally, I would like to thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to visit us and hope you will come back again.






331 Montrose Road

Belleville, Ontario


Proudly serving the Belleville, Trenton, Kingston and Quinte Area.


Custom Iphones would like to

Congratulate our friends

Scott and Niurka.

Married in Cuba on August 8th, 2014



iPhone 4 / 4S



(Black/White)   $40.00

(Coloured)       $75.00




Battery Repl.    $25.00

Home Button    $25.00

Lock Button     $30.00

Vol. Button       $30.00

iPhone 5/5C/5S




iPhone 5      $75.00

iPhone 5C   $75.00

iPhone 5S   $75.00


iPhone 5 REPAIRS


Battery Repl.   $35.00

Home Button   $25.00

Lock Button     $30.00

Vol. Button       $30.00

iPod 4th Gen



(Black/White)   $40.00

(Coloured)       $65.00




Battery Repl.    $40.00

Home Button   $35.00

Lock Button     $35.00

Vol. Button       $35.00




iPad 1           $85.00

iPad 2           $85.00

iPad 3           $85.00

iPad 4           $85.00

iPad 5 (Air)   $105.00

iPad Mini       $85.00




Please call for quote


All iPhones


Bell/Virgin      $105.00

Rogers / Fido   $80.00

Telus Koodo     $85.00



Q5 / Q10 / Z10 $40.00

Any Other         $5.00




All Samsungs   $40.00

All HTC            $10.00

All LG               $30.00



Galaxy S2       $150.00

Galaxy S3       $180.00

Galaxy S4       $210.00

Galaxy S5       $295.00

Mega              $180.00

Note I             $205.00

Note II            $235.00

Note III          $295.00

*The LCD & Digitizer

 is replaced.


Please call for quote 

If you do not see a repair you need, please contact us at 613-885-6893.

We also repair HTC, Samsung, Blackberry and other makes and models of cell phones and tablets.


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  • Ian (Wednesday, August 27 14 01:25 pm EDT)

    Hey Randy you fixed my phone and did an awesome job!

  • Dave Sharkey (Wednesday, August 13 14 04:25 pm EDT)

    Hey Randy do you replace screens on Mac Book air 13" model its a 2010?

  • Randy Wilson (Monday, July 07 14 12:31 pm EDT)

    Give me a call at 613-885-6893. I would need to know what Service Provider you are with, colours etc.

  • Megan (Saturday, July 05 14 09:25 pm EDT)

    I'm looking for an iPhone 4...what's the cheapest

  • Randy (Custom Iphones) (Wednesday, July 02 14 10:09 pm EDT)

    Hi Chris,
    Yes we do. We warranty all repairs and parts from manufacturer defects for 60 days. Unfortunately, a cracked screen is not a manufacturers defect and would not fall under our 60 day warranty. That being said, we can work something out.

  • Chris (Monday, June 30 14 06:21 pm EDT)

    Hi, I had my phone done by you less than a month ago and the screen broke again, do you have any warranty on your product?

  • Thomas (Saturday, May 31 14 06:24 pm EDT)

    Would you have the square part that the sim card slides into for a iphone 3gs

  • Scott (Saturday, April 26 14 01:09 pm EDT)

    Do you replace iPad mini screens?

  • laura (Tuesday, April 15 14 05:59 pm EDT)

    Can you fix an lg eclypse screen?

  • Charles (Thursday, April 10 14 10:08 am EDT)

    Hello I have a iphone 3gs which needs a battery replacement I was just wondering if you can do that and how much it would cost?

  • Tianna (Monday, March 17 14 11:49 am EDT)

    Hello, I am wondering if you are able to take a look at my LG Nexus 4. The screen was stepped on and it shattered. The screen does not work as I am unable to use it. Are you able to tell me if it is just the screen that needs to be replaced? If so, are you able to do it for a reasonable price?
    Thank you

  • Greg (Wednesday, January 01 14 06:25 pm EST)

    How much is a new battery installed in an 3s

  • Shayna (Sunday, November 24 13 05:22 pm EST)

    Hello there,

    I have heard very things about your service, so intially I have decided to contact you first regarding replacing a screen (possibly led screen as well) in an HTC One X. I was quoted $175 in the mall kiosk, and being so interested in your service I wanted to see if you were available/able to replace a screen for this android?

    Thank you, and I look forward to hearing back from you!

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